Is Nail Trimming extra?  
Nail Trimming is included in all services or it can be done seperately

How long will my dog be there for?
This all depends on the service required, how long your dog needs and how busy our day is

Can I stay and watch?
We do not have owners stay as this is very distracting for the dog and makes our job more difficult. We assure you that your dog will be taken care of during it's stay and if they show any signs of stress we will contact you immediately.

Can I have my dog out by a certain time?
Yes (within reason) Just let us know when you are booking your dog in so that we can arrange our day accordingly

Do you sedate dogs?
NO, it is illegal for this to be done, if we are unable to groom your dog due to its behaviour we will contact you immediately.  
If required we will use a muzzle for the safety of our staff and your dog

What time do you close?
We do not have a set closing time but we do close once all the dogs have been done and collected.

Do you have Hypoallergetic Shampoos?
Yes we do.  We have a range to suit your dogs needs

Mel Down - Owner


Shop 3/238 Sloane St,
Goulburn  NSW  2580

Phone: 0411 814 312