Product Range

We use and have a range of quality Grooming Products designed to ensure your Canine Best Friend looks their very best.  Come into our shop and purchase the products we use and recommend to use in between visits.


Pooch Conditioning Shampoo and Detangling Products are part of the Dr Show Range.

Plush puppy

Plush Puppy is an internationally respected grooming product company. Plush Puppy has been selling grooming products for serious show dog owners for many years. 


ProGroom is the award-winning brand that professional dog and cat groomers turn to when they want quality, Australian-made and manufactured affordable pet grooming products developed with the highest-grade, all-natural ingredients formulated with safe cosmetic grade ingredients derived from Natural Sources that are environmentally friendly.


Hard as steel and sharp. Heiniger gear gives professionals the ability to shear and clip animals in the most precise, clean and fast way possible. During our production process each product undergoes strict controls to ensure our promised uniform quality. Heiniger shearing and clipping equipment represent true Swiss precision and quality.